Thursday, January 25, 2018

A die-cut grid

It's taken five months for a new post.... but I have been inspired with a die-cut I found which really suits the style I love.
 As I am now the owner of a cuttlebug, it opens a new dimension of crafting.

I am so pleased to be using up some more papers from the everlasting pile. Actually my pile always get used in one way or another.

This is the second one and I used the diecut the other way around. In total there are four ways to use it... and I die-cut it on an old sheet of paper from a Nature Book. So not only can I use bits and pieces of loose paper, I don't even have to use card-stock for the template.

This is another combination, using a Bible verse.

For those who have asked, this is the diecut and I bought it from WISH in China.


Mix and match and added sewing

Another way to use up all the snippets and cut-outs which need to find a home. The added feature to this card is sewing, which I love to do ...