Friday, August 31, 2012

BabyTags for boy and girl

There are so many little projects that can be done with punch outs. Here I created a tag for a newborn girl and boy - very quick to make and you can use your scraps too - just do blue for the boy and pink for the girl!

These are done on a Tag size 16x8cm.

Then I made another framed Butterfly project, this time with a dark background:

So enjoyable to make! Quite addictive too!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ocean colors for Summer

I didn't think of them as Ocean colors until somebody said it, then I realised that it would go for a Summer card.

I found a grid pattern from somewhere which I printed on green pp to give me some outlines.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Different size framed inchies

In the past I have done lots of A4 sized paper inchie projects for home decor. That means it needs an even bigger frame to put it in. Now I have some A4 frames, so the inchie project is much smaller and is even quicker to make.

This is one of my latest. I will share the butterfly one I made next time. The frames can be found here in all colors. This one is terra cotta, which I love and they are nicely priced too!
I hope this will give you some ideas to probably decorate your own home with your own creations!
Thanks for your visits!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New item in my Etsy shop

My son David is away on holiday for three weeks which gives me so much more time to craft. And as it is holiday time, I didn't go into work either, so I made another home decor item for my Etsy shop.

I love making these when they turn out right. I have used PP, stamped projects and postcards to make it.

Have a lovely day!

Mix and match and added sewing

Another way to use up all the snippets and cut-outs which need to find a home. The added feature to this card is sewing, which I love to do ...