Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Using rectangles

Using rectangles but still having a grid effect.

Made this as an Autumn card.


  1. I really love your designs, you have a wonderful blog. I'm your newest follower, I don't want to miss another thing. Michelle x

  2. Dear Jacqueline, I love all you grid cards. It is such an inspiration you're trying and finding new ways for this type of card! I have just finished reading "Create" by Stephen Altrogge, he writes about faithfulness in creating. I think I have learned so many good principles from you from what you've been sharing. I was thinking about you all the way while I was reading the book. Here's one quote for you: "The most productive, creative people are the ones who are faithful. They plod along slowly. It may take them a while to reach the goal but they will reach it."


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