Monday, July 28, 2014

Mixed size grid

Another design to add to the growing ways to make a grid card is to mix big with small squares, like this:

 The biggest square is in the middle. This has to be adhered after the four small squares have been fitted onto the card on each side otherwise it is difficult to get it in the middle.

 This pink one has been made in the same design as the blue one.

 This is where I keep all my punched out scraps so that they are ready to use and easy to find! 
In the top drawer I have butterflies, then the next three drawers have square inchies in three different sizes and the fifth drawer has banners and strips of patterned paper which I could use on any card or project that needs it, at any time. 

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  1. Love the big square in the middle, Jacqueline! And, thanks for sharing your storage drawers with us. How clever and such a great way to organize. May have to copy this idea!!

  2. I am always amazed at your ability to mix and match colors. Your inchie cards a a favorite of both Jill and I the cards are amazing as always. No I do not get tired of them. Keep them coming. Jim

  3. I always enjoy seeing your inchie creations. No one creates them better than you. Excellent. Like your storage system. Much like mine. - Jim

  4. Pretty one else makes these card as nicely as you seem to know just what elements and colors to put together!


Thanks so much for your visit!

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