Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grid-Tag card

Because I love making them, another grid card, this time with tags, three in a row, vertically placed.

I chose coral, pink, grey and brown. I used the scraps I had in my basket. Unfortunately the scraps are diminishing in such a fast rate! But I'm glad I can find a home for everything I have and hardly throw anything away.
My tags are 8cm x 4cm and my card size is 13cm x 8cm, which for me is the standard size I usually use.

Have a lovely week of crafting!


  1. How pretty, Jacqueline! Love the use of all your papers in the background, and the great triple tag "triad" in the front. Pretty embellishments, too! I enjoy following your blog - you always have something inspirational and beautiful to share. hugs, de
    {Creative Smiles}

  2. Magnificent! So many details to absorb. Hope all is well,

  3. Love the card layout using tags. Thank you for adding one of my cards on your pintrest. Have a wonderful week.
    Bobbie Lynn

  4. Love the choice of colours and the use of three tags in a row.
    Suzi B

  5. Love the color palette and the leaf going across your tag, really unique design, stunning Jacqueline!!

  6. Hé Jacqueline
    ik heb net je kaartje binnengekregen wat ontzettend lief.. ennn wat is ie MOOI!!!!!!!
    hartstikke lief ik ga hem een heel mooi plekje gegeven zodat ik er vaak naar kan kijken.
    nog maals hartstikke bedankt!
    ook de wijnetiketten zijn mooi ik ga eens op die site kijken waar je het over had voor wat inspiratie, nogmaals bedankt. Op mijn FB pagina staan de foto's voor het geval je daar nog even naar wilt kijken.


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