Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I won't keep you waiting any longer, I just got back from an eye-test. Before I went I had already picked out two names. I put all the names (and two times for those that visit this blog often)  in a cup, as there was nobody in the house I had to pick the winners myself.

First of all I picked out Laura-Jane, who said to have no desire for the stamp, so she gets a card, and then I had to pick another, which was Maria from Russia who will get the stamp.

So there you have it ladies. I wish I could do more, but its the luck of the draw!

O.K. so I just now picked a third name and that is... KAILASH - she will be getting a card from me too.

Congrats ladies!


  1. Oh JOY!! Thank you so much Jacqueline..I'll be looking foward seeing what comes in the mail:)
    Have a Blessed day!

  2. Congrats to the winners. I love your grid and inchie blog. Glad you posted it on your other blog.

  3. Oh Jacqueline, thanks so much, you are too kind. I treasure all your gifts and getting a card from you is just so special. Congrats to Maria (enjoy your stamp) and Laura Jane:-)!!!

  4. Congrats, ladies! Enjoy your winnings!

  5. Thank you, Jacqueline, I enjoy your blogs so much! My creativity gets a boost and my soul gets some nourishment when I visit!

  6. gefeliciteerd aan de dames... maar jammer dat ik niet een van de winnaars ben...
    tot de volgende keer


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