Monday, May 25, 2015

Using up the scraps

Mixing and matching some scraps which have come out of a lot of different projects which didn't emerge into anything. I just save every scrap and once and a while I punch out scraps and mix and match them all together.

I also punch out smaller squares and circles which fit onto a larger square.

This is such an enjoyable hobby, just like making puzzles!

Enjoy your free day today!


  1. more pretty grid cards and every one of them is so unique and delightful - love how you made little frames for some of the scraps - great added dimension!

  2. I love your grid cards....these are both beautiful! I recently went through my scraps and created a grid card and since I have lots of scraps, I need to create some more. It's very satisfying to see what can be created from little bits and pieces....also, a challenge and fun!


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